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Wholesale Site Migration into

Our wholesale site has been merged with our regular Adventure Dice website. In an effort to bring you more consistent inventory levels, more up to date product images and descriptions, and to save us endless headaches, we have merged our wholesale website with our primary site. and will both still be available, just pointing to

A quick review of the new migration, has found that the wholesale pricing is accurate for all products, unlike the old site, this means your order total should be much closer to the actual invoiced amount. Order payment is still not collected on checkout, we prefer to pull orders and confirm inventory so that billing matches your shipment.

If you had a cart full of items, please let us know, and we can send you a link to access it, to pull the item list.

We have reviewed our minimum order amount, and free shipping threshold to actually create an official policy where you can review here.

If you have any issues or concerns with the new system, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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Price Change Notice

Unfortunately due to the increase in international shipping not coming down after COVID, and the Canadian dollar performing as it has over the last 6 months, we are doing a price change January 1st. We have done our best to mitigate this as much as possible for as long as possible.

Prince changes will effect the following (but not limited to)

  • All Green Box dice sets ($8 will become $9)
  • Various Red Box ($12) will become Blue Box ($16)
  • Various Blue Box ($16) will become Purple Box ($20), primarily but not limited to, inclusion sets
  • Lumber Nugget Large D20’s

We appreciate your understanding, and value your feedback.

Thank you

Andrea & Blair

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Dice (Advent) Calendar – Limited Supply

Quick update, Dice Calendars are now sold out on our regular website. We do have a limited supply still available to our FLGS partners through our wholesale site.

We want to thank all our FLGS partners for supporting us with our Dice Calendars. They are a labour of love, oh so much labour!

Questions, concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. If we get enough interest, we are thinking about doing another delivery through Kamloops and the Okanogan, so please let us know if you would like November Christmas stock delivery, we can hold Calendars for this delivery on any prepaid orders.

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Dice (Advent) Calendars available for Preorder!

The Adventure Dice Calendars are available for preorder! These will begin shipping in the middle to end of September. 

Calendars are available in 24, 31, and 8 day options, with Standard (one die per day) and Deluxe (one set per day) variations. These are the original dice advent calendars!

We’re offering discounted shipping/delivery when you preorder and pay by September 1.

  • Free delivery for shops in the Lower Mainland BC (Vancouver to Hope) on orders over $500. 
  • Free delivery for shops in the Okanagan, Kamloops, and Merrit on orders over $1000.
  • Half Price shipping for the rest of Canada on orders over $2000.

Orders can contain other items in order to qualify for the minimum; the entire order will ship together. Orders must be paid using e-transfer or direct deposit to qualify for the shipping/delivery deal. Your account must also be in good standing to qualify.

Calendars will be available for wholesale after September 1st while supplies last. 
Pre-order Calendars here.

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Restocks and Gift Sets, LIMITED supply of Dice Calendars

Hi Friendly Local Game Stores!
We’ve got some great RPG goodies for you ahead of the holiday season:

  • We have a very limited restock of 24-day standard Adventure Dice Calendars. As there are very few left, this is first-come first serve for whoever would like them. (Note: They aren’t available through our wholesale site, so just me an email if you’re interested).
  • Deck of Many Things and Deck of Illusions are now restocked. 
  • NEW!! Trail Rations bulk dice are now in stock. These come in half kilogram bags (just over a pound of dice), and are available in Standard A-Grade bags and “Spoiled” B-Grade.
  • We have a variety of gamer gift sets available that include dice, mugs, trays, and other goodies. These come packed in cute display boxes.

Dice sets also back in stock:

Thank you

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FLGS News – Advent Calendars!

Hi FLGS partners,
The 2021 Adventure Dice Advent / Countdown Calendars are now available for pre-order!

We’re excited to let you know that this year’s calendar will feature Adventure Dice’s very first custom designed dice set. Calendars will be available in 24, 31, and 8 day versions, with standard (a single die each day, with a full set on the last day) and deluxe (full set every day) options available.

FLGS pre-orders will be open until August 31st, with delivery in early September. We recommend ordering early, as we sell out every year once we open sales to the public on our website. I’ve included a sell sheet with more information on the calendars. 

To pre-order, visit the wholesale website (under Gift Sets) or email me directly. 

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Gift Sets now available for Retail!

Just in time for Mother’s Day (OK, that’s questionable), we now have our popular gift sets available in retail packaging. Two per case, please order in case quantities, you are welcome to mix and match similar size gift sets in the same case.

All gift sets include a mug, stickers, pencils, and of course dice.

Standard size gift sets

Standard size gift sets include the RPG Essentials gift set (MSRP $45), the RPG Date Night gift set (MSRP $80), the RPG Goblin Dice Hoard gift set (MSRP $95), and the mug two pack (MSRP $35).

Large size gift sets

The large gift set is the RPG Artisan gift set. Each gift set contains the stat block mug,, pencils, stickers, Gold Box mystery metal dice set (not so much a mystery, as they can see the set in the box), and one of our hand crafted wooden dice trays available in Black Dragon, Fang Dragon, Gold Dragon, Red Dragon, and Silver Dragon.

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Sell Sheets now available!

There are many great reasons to attend the GAMA trade show, the people, the connections, and the ideas. One of the great ideas that we found were sell sheets. Handy reference guides to our top selling items.

Sell sheets give you the most important details of our product as a quick easy to reference guide. This makes sure you and your staff are well informed to help your customers, and help sell the Adventure Dice line.

Visit our page here, or to ensure you get all the latest, click here for the Google documents folder.

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Attending GAMA 2021 Virtual Event

We will be attending Gama 2021 virtual trade show, and we would love to hear from you! We are your Canadian source for dice, RPG and tabletop gaming accessories. We would love to hear from you, feel free to reach out during the con, or at any time for more details on our UVP that will appeal to your customer.

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New Display Racks Now Available!

Officially released, our display stands are now available at no extra charge (minimum order requirements apply). These shelved ar emade of clear acrylic, this way a light underneath does wonders for lighting up the display. This will hold 65 sets of our standard polyhedral retail packaged containers over 5 shelved.

Two display racks side by side, with extra dice in front.

For more details, or to request one, email us today!

More details in our first prototype post.