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What Was in the Dice Calendars?

2021 was definitely a year. There was many downs with a few ups, but we’re so grateful for all of you. We love seeing your social media posts and our dice in your stores! It fills our cups and keeps us going. <3

Our first release of 2022 is all our calendar dice. This year’s calendars featured our very first custom dice set, so we’re super excited to share these with you. These dice are all now available for purchase individually.

Wishing you a wonderful year filled with dice, stories, and good health.

–Andrea & Blair

Beary Beary Cute
All That Glitters
Lay on Hands
Auklo Fleetfoot
White Stone Castle
Love & Justice
Flame On!
Kwazy Kelp
Anti-Magic Ray
Frog Princess mini
Ocoria Fleetfoot
Impatient Octopus
Blended Monsters
Root Beer Float
Briar Rose
Chimera Outbreak
Purple Rhino mini
Emory Creek
Coral Disco
Algae Explosion
Ocean Islands