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Sharp Edge Dice + More Math Rocks

Today we’re releasing our very first sets of Sharp Edge Dice. Popularized by dice handcrafters, many collectors and RPG players believe them to be more balanced. These are at an entry level price point for folks who’d like to own a set of sharp edge dice, but can’t afford the prices that handcrafted sets sometimes fetch.

We’ll have more sharp edge dice coming soon in the new year!

Click on an image to go to that product page.

Sharp Edge Dice

Haunting Sweets Sharp Edge
Arctic Chill Sharp Edge
Midnight Apparition Sharp Edge

Coliseum Series

Coliseum Flamingo
Coliseum Bones
Coliseum Sapphire
Coliseum Elixir
Coliseum Crystal
Coliseum Amethyst

More New Sets

Grape Soda
(Glow in the Dark)
Purple Alexandrite
Full Moon
(Glow in the Dark)
Pink Sapphire
Pale Goblin
Pumpkin Patch
(Glow in the Dark)
Winter Mint
Just Marge
Blue Blairy
Brunch at Martha’s