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New sharp edge dice + restock metals

New sharp edge dice + restock metals

Our initial release of sharp edge dice was met with lots of enthusiasm, both from shops and from our online sales customers. So here’s more!

We’re excited to launch our first offerings in our premium sharp edge dice. First popularized with handcrafted dice makers, several popular kickstarters brought these into the mass market realm. These dice are polished by hand to give them an extra glossy shine. These also come in our metal tins with foam inserts due to their premium nature.

We’ve also done a huge restock on metal sets!

Click on the thumbnails below to go directly to the product.

Premium Sharp Edge Dice

Chaos Strike
Seabed Adventures
Chaos Vortex
Seabed Discovery
Chaos Whirlwind
Tangerine Dream
Seabed Exploration
Black Forest Nightmare

Standard Sharp Edge Dice

Lavender Sprig
Kelp Wanted