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Adventurer Pledge

Here are your options for your pledge level. You get to select your colour option for a Dragon Dice box.

There are the four original colours, two unlocked colours, and… a new colour!

These are new photos shot using studio lighting, so the colour may be a little different. Check out this post to see how the lighting can change the box colour.

Black Dragon Box

Black Dragon design engraved on a box with a Jacobean colour oil-based stain.

Blue Dragon Box

Blue Dragon design engraved onto a box with Deep Ocean colour water-based stain.

Fang Dragon Box

Surprise! We decided to also unlock this design as a thank you.

Fang Dragon design engraved on a box with Natural oil-based stain (this stain has no pigment in it).

Gold Dragon Box

Gold Dragon design engraved into a box with Golden Oak colour oil-based stain.

Green Dragon Box

Green Dragon design engraved in a box with Hunter Green oil-based stain.

Red Dragon Box

Red Dragon design engraved on a box with Red Chestnut colour oil-based stain.

Silver Dragon Box

Silver Dragon design engraved on a box with Classic Grey colour oil-based stain.