Trail Rations Bulk Dice

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Trail Rations Bulk Dice

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Weight 510 g
Dimensions 85 × 67 × 50 mm

3 reviews for Trail Rations Bulk Dice

  1. Dominique Declerck (verified owner)

    I bought the this to make little grab bags for Halloween and it worked out great. A beautiful mix of dice. There was a few I couldn’t make into complete sets, so they are mine now 🙂 *happy dice kobold noise*

  2. Steven Ford (verified owner)

    Just astounded. I expected a basic grab bag with a few mixed sparkles and flecks. Instead, I got a great mix of patterned dice, progressive colour transitions, embedded ducks, babies, rainbows, the works! If you want complete sets look elsewhere on this site, but If you’re a collector looking for some display pieces, go with this set all the way.

  3. Max Yazz (verified owner)

    I got similar products from other companies and this one from Adventure Dice is the best on the market. Most other random bag will have defects on them these are marketed as such and said default are truly minor. A must if you need a large quantity and don’t mind a few miss colored number and the occasional odd shape side.

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