Trail Rations Bulk Dice

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When you’re gearing up for your next adventure, don’t forget your rations!

Trail Rations Bulk Dice are 1/2 kilogram of random dice. That’s more than a pound of dice! Made up of dice we carry in stock… and some surprises.

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Weight 510 g
Dimensions 85 × 67 × 50 mm

2 reviews for Trail Rations Bulk Dice

  1. Dominique Declerck (verified owner)

    I bought the this to make little grab bags for Halloween and it worked out great. A beautiful mix of dice. There was a few I couldn’t make into complete sets, so they are mine now 🙂 *happy dice kobold noise*

  2. Steven Ford (verified owner)

    Just astounded. I expected a basic grab bag with a few mixed sparkles and flecks. Instead, I got a great mix of patterned dice, progressive colour transitions, embedded ducks, babies, rainbows, the works! If you want complete sets look elsewhere on this site, but If you’re a collector looking for some display pieces, go with this set all the way.

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