Spoiled Trail Rations Bulk Dice

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Not the sort of rations you want to take on the trail…

Spoiled Trail Rations Bulk Dice are 1/2 kilogram* of random dice. This pack is made up of our dice seconds: dice with imperfections like bad paint jobs, unusual sides, scratches, etc.

*More than a pound of dice!

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Weight 510 g
Dimensions 85 × 67 × 150 mm

1 review for Spoiled Trail Rations Bulk Dice

  1. Taslin (verified owner)

    The box was delivered right when the power went out. My husband and I had fun going through them and looking for the gems of the batch.

    Was it worth the cost.. I think it was a little over priced for the amount of dice I can fix up and use. There was also for example 7 d20s that came from the same batch. So Less of mixture of dice than I expected.

    This comment might be the luck fo the draw: I was also a tad sad when their were very few that had internal defects. I have always loved the uniqueness that can happen when the colour or sparkles move in unattended ways.

    • Andrea

      Hi Taslin. So sorry to hear that this item wasn’t what you were expecting! We appreciate the feedback. Like you mentioned, the mix is a luck of the draw. It really depends on what we have been quality controlling at the time. Often we find that the same die in a set is spoiled, that’s why we can end up with many of the same.

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