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Dice Calendar Pre-Order On Now!

Dice Calendar Pre-Order on Now!

We are now accepting pre-orders for our 2023 RPG Dice Advent Calendars!

If you pre-pay your order by August 31, 2023, Adventure Dice will cover the shipping cost when you order $1000 or more before tax.

Calendars for FLGS stores will begin shipping by the end of September. Any other items on your calendar order will ship with the calendars.

NEW BOXES FOR 2023: The boxes for the 24 day and 31 day have been redesigned! The boxes are now a more traditional punch-out calendar design, but are still 100% recyclable (even the insert is cardboard instead of plastic). Featuring the artwork and graphic design of Haley Boros / Tripawd Press.

The box looks somewhat like an RPG book, and you’ll be able to display it face out or spine out.

2023 RPG Dice Countdown Calendars

Available in 24, 31, and 8 day variations so you can celebrate the occasion that’s special to you.

  • Standard Calendars come with a single die each day leading up to the last day which has a full complete set. The 24 gives you four full sets; the 31 gives you five! All sets in these calendars are Adventure Dice original designs.
  • Deluxe Calendars come with a complete 7-piece set every day! They feature a mix of Adventure Dice original designs and new/unreleased sets by other designers.

Still have 2022 Calendars?

Convert your old dice calendars into fresh stock! Now available, 2022 Dice Calendar Retail Packaging Kit.

These kits include the retail packaging for the dice sets that were featured in last year’s calendars. The containers will come with product labels already attached and a lid.

Put the complete dice set in the correct container, and you are ready to go!