2023 RPG Dice Calendar

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The Adventure Dice 2023 RPG Dice Calendars bring you an adventurous way to celebrate an occasion that’s special to you. Start with day one, open the door, and get a new dice-y surprise! 

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Please note: These are now out of stock (except for the 31 Deluxe), if you are looking for one, please visit our FLGS listing.

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The Adventure Dice 2023 RPG Dice Calendars bring you an adventurous way to celebrate an occasion that’s special to you. Start with day one, open the door, and get a new dice-y surprise! 

Available in 24, 31, and 8 day variations so you can celebrate the occasion that’s special to you.

  • Standard Calendars come with a single die each day leading up to the last day which has a full complete set. The 24 gives you four full sets; the 31 gives you five! All sets in these calendars are Adventure Dice original designs.
  • Deluxe Calendars come with a complete 7-piece set every day! They feature a mix of Adventure Dice original designs and new/unreleased sets by other designers.

Wondering what might be in the calendar? It’s a surprise, but here’s a look at what was inside the 2022 dice calendars.

NEW FOR 2023: The boxes for the 24 day and 31 day have been redesigned! The boxes are now a more traditional punch-out calendar design, but are still 100% recyclable (even the insert is cardboard instead of plastic). Featuring the artwork and graphic design of Haley Boros / Tripawd Press.

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13 reviews for 2023 RPG Dice Calendar

  1. Ashton Green (verified owner)

    Ordered a set last year for Christmas, my partner really enjoyed opening them. We have recommended them to friends and we are ordering another set this year.

  2. Cassandra Gerth (verified owner)

    Bought 2 last year for myself and a friend, getting 3 this year. They do no disappoint.

  3. paige_hruska

    Got this from my mum this year. The dice are amazing and a so pretty. There’s a wide range of colours and sizes for the different sets you get. Definitely worth it. Will be ordering again next year

  4. FacetiousFemme (verified owner)

    Fantastic. I loved opening these so much. It was well packaged and such a great design. The dice sets that were included were fantastic and I’m impressed with them. Thank you! Looking forward to next years!

  5. Mike Hrynyk

    Bought this in 2021, loved it. Good fun for the month.

  6. tdbehr00 (verified owner)

    Bought two different sets of these, the countdown to new years and the countdown to Christmas, and on each of the days most of them had the same exact dice sets in them. Very disappointed when expecting to open this with my significant other and getting mostly the same dice.

    • Andrea

      Sorry to hear that you were disappointed! Like the advent calendars you get in the stores, each purchased in a calendar year have the same sets. This way we can ensure you don’t get duplicates next year!

  7. Helen Schroeder (verified owner)

    I bought a 31 day, standard calendar. And then broke all the rules and opened it early. Absolutely love the custom sets that were included! The colours and adorable 20 face, are just so cool. Just stunning, and hoping to buy duplicates of a few in the future.

  8. Portndave (verified owner)

    I ordered the 24 day one last year and the 31 day this year. I really enjoy coming home after a long day and being to open a box and get a dice. The dice last year were unique and sweet, I can’t wait to see what this years brings.

  9. jeangallant10 (verified owner)

    I ordered the 24 days last year thinking “this would complete the dices I had”…. well, with how I loved the dices in it, I had to get even more dices and could not pass getting another 24 days calendar this year. Every morning I would go to the box and open them, then have them sit on my desk while working that day. It is impossible to pick only sets that will fit everyone but the choices and care that AD put in those were great, as I did love discovering the “2nd” dice in a set that would confirm the sets.

  10. n8an (verified owner)

    It’s frustrating (and unfortunate) but this year’s Advent Calendar had a mistake. Instead of getting three sets over the days leading up to Christmas, I got two sets—and one group of dice with two d10s (and a 10s d10) instead of the d8 that would have completed the set. Even more unfortunate is that it was the green/black/grey dice with the white writing, which was the by the most legible of the three sets—the dark purple sparkles with black ink is nigh unreadable, though the white/grey/purple with purple ink is somewhat better.
    The two “other” dice were both d20s (which is useful!) but one is a very dark wine-red and the numbering on this dice (black) is—again—really hard to read. In the end, I can’t help but feel like out of all the dice, I got one useful set, plus one decent d20.
    I know I wasn’t the only unlucky person to get a duplicate d10 instead of a d10 and a d8—the friend who pointed out this calendar to me had the same issue (though he got a better d20 than I did, instead of the dark-red one).

    • Andrea

      Sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the product! We try to include a mix of dice sets, but as this product is a “mystery box” type of product, we know we can’t please everyone.

      Regarding the missing d8, please drop us an email at int_check@adventuredice.ca. We are happy to send you a replacement die. We try really hard to ensure the calendars are accurate, but when you’re hand-packing over 1000 calendars errors like this can sometimes slip through.

  11. tdragonheart (verified owner)

    My wife ordered Deluxe 8 Pack as a late birthday gift and I was not disappointed! I really enjoyed the variety of the packs I got and cannot wait to use them. The toughest part is figuring out which character I am going to use these dice for!

  12. thebookworm85 (verified owner)

    This was my first year getting a dice calendar and I loved the excitement of opening every day up to discover what goodies I would be getting. Quality was great and the mix of dice was a delight. Not every set will be joining my permanent collection, but I appreciate the effort that went into cultivating a variety to make sure different styles would be included! The dice I am not adding to my collection will be going to friends who I know will appreciate them as much as I will appreciate the ones I’m keeping.

    I will be doing the dice calendar again and I’m looking forward to it already!

  13. Jessie Ferguson (verified owner)

    I’ve had these two years in a row (2021, 2022) and I love getting them! I’m a dice goblin, so getting a shiny math rock each day appeases that part of me! I mean, yeah, there are sets that I didn’t like but there’s enough variation – even in the standard ones – that there will be something for everyone! I am SO excited to get another one and get a dice every day!

    Also, getting to just shake the unopened box brings me so much joy!

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