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Extended sets are here!

You may have heard that last weekend British Columbia was wracked with torrential rain and subsequent flooding. We were both stranded in the town of Hope after making FLGS deliveries to the Okanagan. We were taken in by kind strangers while we waited for four days for the roads to open. We are home safe and sound now. Thank you to everyone for your kind words!!

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Extended Sets

We’ve gotten many requests for 11-piece/extended polyhedral dice sets. These sets grew in popularity with Dungeons & Dragons 5e using advantage/disadvantage rolls.

What makes these different is they include two d20s and four d6s, in addition to a d12, d%, d10, d8, and d4.

Iron Rhino Extended
Jellied Goblin Extended
Vampiric Dessert Extended
Polar Thermocline Extended
Tsunami Extended
Into the Jungle Extended

More New Sets

Confetti Cake
Trident of Neptune
Golden Pear
Halloween Heist
Hoar Frost
Mermaid Tears
Holiday Jelly Mould
Liche’s Niche
Vampire Myst
Perfect Parfait
Happy Accidents
Radioactive Infection