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So what’s next?, Add Ons, and Surprise Unlocked Goal

Thank you thank you thank you to all our backers who believed in this project! We were so excited last Sunday as we counted down to the end. Your support means a lot to us!

So… what’s next?

+ We are waiting for Kickstarter to finish charging all the backers and release our funds. We’ve heard this can take up to two weeks. 

+ Complete prototypes so you can see them before you choose your colour.

+ Send out Backer surveys. Aiming to do this by January 22. Please get your survey back to us asap.

+ Purchase supplies: stickers, books, lots of lumber. 

+ Middle of February: begin fulfilling Stickers-only and Notebook-only backer levels.

+ Start building boxes! 

+ Custom boxes will be fulfilled first, then we’ll work on the standard boxes. 

+ Once everything has fulfilled… boxes, stickers, and notebooks will be available for purchase on our website! 

Add ons

We decided to make add ons available. 🙂

These will be listed in our Backers Survey when we send it, and you’ll be able to purchase any rewards at your Backer level or lower (excluding the custom box). We’ll invoice you for these, and then include them when your reward ships. 

Surprise Unlocked Goal

We’re adding a new Dragon and colour option! The Fang Dragon design and the boxes will have a natural stain to highlight the natural look of the wood. There will also be a Fang Dragon sticker in the small sticker pack (you’ll get 7 stickers in the pack!) and it will be a choice option for the Large Sticker choice.