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What colour should be next?

With only a few hours left in our Kickstarter, we just passed the $6,000 mark. We’re getting so much closer to unlocking our next stretch goal!

If this unlocks, Backers will get to vote on which colour joins the lineup. Voting would happen once the KS is finished. I thought I’d show off the colours we’re thinking of. 

There will also be a natural option (but there’s no swatch for that lol). 

These swatches were pulled from the stainmaker’s website. For comparison, here’s our currently unlocked colours. 

Countdown with us!

We’ll be going live over on our Facebook page to count down to the end of the Kickstarter! 

Join us at 7:30 pm tonight (Sun Jan 3) over at

We’ll show a behind the scenes of Adventure Dice, answer any questions you might have, do a sneak peek at new dice coming soon, and there will be pet cameos. 

We hope you’ll tune in to celebrate with us.