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Village Hero Pledge

Here are your options for your pledge level. You get to select your box stain colour, Dragon design, and add some text to the lid of your box.

These are new photos shot using studio lighting, so the colour may be a little different. Check out this post to see how the lighting can change the box colour.

Stain Colour Options

Black Dragon (Jacobean)

Black Dragon design engraved on a box with a Jacobean colour oil-based stain.

Blue Dragon (Deep Ocean)

Blue Dragon design engraved onto a box with Deep Ocean colour water-based stain.

Fang Dragon (Natural)

Surprise! We decided to also unlock this design as a thank you.

Fang Dragon design engraved on a box with Natural oil-based stain (this stain has no pigment in it).

Gold Dragon (Golden Oak)

Gold Dragon design engraved into a box with Golden Oak colour oil-based stain.

Green Dragon (Hunter Green)

Green Dragon design engraved in a box with Hunter Green oil-based stain.

Red Dragon (Red Chestnut)

Red Dragon design engraved on a box with Red Chestnut colour oil-based stain.

Silver Dragon (Classic Grey)

Silver Dragon design engraved on a box with Classic Grey colour oil-based stain.

Village Hero Exclusive (Cherry Blossom)

This colour is exclusive for the Village Hero pledge level: Cherry Blossom water-based stain.

Dragon design options

Font options

Felt lining colour choices