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Green Dragon unlocked!

Last night we unlocked the Green Dragon! YAY!!!

This dragon design is now available as a dice box in the nifty Hunter Green stain, as well as being an option for the large sticker choice. Plus the small sticker pack will include a sixth sticker. 

Our next stretch goal is Backers Choice! This will unlock a new colour at $7,000. Our backers will get to vote on what our next stain and Dragon choice will be. Purple? Pastel blue? Natural? If we hit 6k we’ll do a Backers-Only post that shows off the colour options and also a poll where you can vote. 

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Green Dragon colour test + more shipping destinations

We’ve gotten several inquiries about shipping outside of Canada and the USA. Kickstarter is a bit odd with adding shipping, but we’ve gone and added a bunch more countries to our shipping options. If your country isn’t listed, feel free to reach out! We’re happy to add it.

Green Dragon design test

We’re getting closer to unlocking the Green Dragon design! This goal will unlock the Green Dragon dice box option, it will add a 6th sticker to the small sticker pack, and the Green Dragon will be an option for the large stickers. 

Blair’s been doing some tests with the Hunter Green stain. Here’s a preview of what it will look like, in different lighting conditions (but not photoshopped). 

We’re hoping to have some completed boxes in the Blue and Green to show off in the next few weeks. ­čÖé

Under our regular living room lighting. This looks the closest.
Natural sunlight.
Direct ring light shows off the shine really well.
Next to a window on a sunny winter day. This looks the least like the real thing.