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Much like the feeling of love itself, the colours of this are elusive. Depending on how they are viewed, you will see defined layers of dark blue and pink, or they’ll look purple as they dark blue and pink meld into one layer and sometimes they look like an even split between the two layers.

The Goblins here at Ice Cream Dice were really excited about this design. They told me it was really hard to get the vapour effect in the dice and that the secret to it is quite elusive, hence how they got their name.

Elusive extended dice set are layers of transparent blue and pink, with pale blue wisps, and grey numbering.

Designed by Ice Cream Dice, these dice are perfect for your favourite ttrpg.

Additional information


Blue, Pink, Purple

Highlight / Text Colour


Dice Style

Layered, Transparent, Wispy


Acrylic / Resin


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