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It’s not a mimic!

Speaking of items that sell out…. the items in this week’s new release are all items that sell out for us at conventions. We hope they do as well for you as they have for us!

En parlant d’articles qui se vendent…. les articles de la nouvelle version de cette semaine sont tous des articles qui se vendent pour nous lors des conventions. Nous espérons qu’ils feront aussi bien pour vous que pour nous!

Last call for calendar shipping promo!

We are now accepting pre-orders for our 2023 RPG Dice Advent Calendars!

If you pre-pay your order by August 31, 2023, Adventure Dice will cover the shipping cost when you order $1000 or more before tax.

Not a Mimic mystery box

Open the treasure chest; find epic loot!

With the Adventure Dice Not a Mimic Mystery Box you’re guaranteed at least one 7-piece polyhedral dice set. It could be standard, it could be an 11-piece, it could be mini. But, there could be other treasures or trinkets inside!

One in five boxes contain a premium treasure (metal d6? liquid core d20? lumber nugget?) and 1 in 100 contains a 7-piece premium dice set. Plus they could have extra trinkets like stickers, pins, tokens, and…. who knows? You are guaranteed a $20 value in each box.

It’s not a mimic, we promise!

Pride Stickers

MSRP: $4 each or a pack of all six for $16.

Inclusion Dice

MSRP: $20