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Color My Quest

Color My Quest

RPG books are here!

We’re excited to start bringing you a selection of indie RPG games. We’ve heard your feedback that it can sometimes be difficult as an FLGS to get these titles to your store—either larger distributors don’t carry them, or the import fees are killer, or just dealing with multiple suppliers for one single item can be tiring. We get it!

We hope to bridge that gap for you. We’ll be distributing a selection of games from indie publishers from Canada, the USA, and elsewhere.

You can access our current stock here, with more titles coming soon!

Is there something you’d like us to bring in? Let us know!

Les livres RPG sont ici! Nous sommes ravis de commencer à vous proposer une sélection de jeux RPG indépendants.

Nous distribuerons une sélection de jeux d’éditeurs indépendants du Canada, des États-Unis et d’ailleurs.Vous pouvez accéder à notre stock actuel ici, avec plus de titres à venir bientôt! Y a-t-il quelque chose que vous aimeriez que nous apportions? Faites le nous savoir!

Color My Quest Books

Color My Quest is the color and cut storytelling game for kids from Dice Up Games.

Aimed at kids ages 4 and up, the game works like a conversation where you all tell a story together. Players colour and cut out their character sheets and tokens. d6s are used to determine variables.

The core rulebook includes instructions on how to run a session, the pre-written adventure “Into the Dark Tower”, and instructions on how to create your own adventure. Each book also includes sections to cut out and colour for your characters, companions, baddies, and more. 

The theme and artwork are inspired by classic JRPGs, like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and Suikoden.