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New partnership between Canadian RPG dice companies

Ice Cream Dice and Adventure Dice team up

Ice Cream Dice Inc and Adventure Dice Ltd are excited to announce a new partnership between the two Canadian RPG companies. Adventure Dice will be taking over fulfilment of Ice Cream Dice products, with discussion underway of the acquisition of Ice Cream Dice by Adventure Dice. 

“It’s no secret that the business and logistic side of things was always a challenge for me,” says Marc Schubert, owner of Ice Cream Dice, behind why he approached Adventure Dice for a partnership. “I refused to claim bankruptcy or just shut the business down leaving customers high and dry. I reached out to Andrea and Blair of Adventure Dice to see if there would be any interest in a partnership. Thankfully there was, and all the wonderful folks that have supported me over the years will still be able to get Ice Cream Dice and the folks who backed my Kickstarter in late 2021 will get their rewards.” We are still working through all those finer details, but have been working diligently towards a distribution agreement.

“I was struggling. Things got dark inside this brain of mine. Among other things, I considered bankruptcy. I couldn’t see a way out,” says Marc Schubert, owner of Ice Cream Dice, behind why he approached Adventure Dice for a partnership. “I sent out a cry for help to Andrea and Blair at Adventure Dice. I’m such a ball of mixed emotions about this, but I know it is the right choice. I couldn’t see a way out, but because of their help I’m doing better now.”

“We’ve gotten to know Marc over the past few years. He’s a good guy, and we want to be able to help our fellow Canadian company,” says Andrea Driedger, co-owner of Adventure Dice. “Mental health is important. I have anxiety and depression, so I understand how things can sometimes go sideways and you can’t find a way out of that hole.”

Adventure Dice has received Ice Cream Dice’s inventory, and has now taken over the sales of Ice Cream Dice products. Ice Cream Dice products will be available at and, at conventions, and through wholesale to brick and mortar game stores. For now the agreement is for fulfilment, but discussions are ongoing regarding the acquisition of the Ice Cream Dice brand.

“I would very much like to thank you all for your support over the years. I appreciate you so much,” says Marc to the Ice Cream Dice fans. “I’m confident that Andrea and Blair will honour the Ice Cream Dice brand, and I’m excited to see where they take it. I’m also happy that I’ll have the chance to design more products, from dice to some new laser cut accessories, among other projects.”


What about outstanding Ice Cream Dice shop orders?

In the coming weeks, Adventure Dice will be fulfilling any outstanding orders that were placed through the Ice Cream Dice online store. 

What about outstanding Ice Cream Dice kickstarters?

Both Ice Cream Dice and Adventure Dice are committed to completing any outstanding kickstarters.The dice still need to be produced, but we’re working through logistics and costs. We want to make sure you still get your dice! 

About Adventure Dice Ltd

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Ice Cream Dice Inc

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Adventure Dice Ltd