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Smashed Our Goal!

Hey Adventurers!

We are officially funded! We smashed our goal in 5 hours. <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in us and our project. 

We still have a month to go until the project ends, but we’re excited for our stretch goals! Haley has already drawn the designs for the Blue Dragon and the Green Dragon stretch goals for us. Blair’s testing out the stains for these, and we’ll show a sneak peek of some test pieces with these stains and their engravings in the coming days (we don’t want to spam you too much). 

Blue Dragon and Green Dragon designs.

If we reach these two stretch goals, we’re considering adding additional colours (to be determined). We also want to be conscious not to over extend ourselves… but we’re excited about the possibilities if we get there. 

Thank you again. <3