Gaming Tables

Want to upgrade your gaming space? Looking to reach Wizards Premium level? We now offer hand crafted wooden gaming tables made from plywood and solid maple. Size built to suit your needs from 30″ X 24″ side tables all the way up to 48″ X 96″ large playing table.

72″ x 30″ Black Dragon Table – This initial protype can still be seen in our booth setup at many conventions.

The top is made with 3/4″ plywood with a 1-1/2″ x 3/4″ solid wood trim with a 3.5″ support rail. The trim is attached with a glue joint to help grant more strength to the table, combined with the support rail means the table is stylish, sturdy, and durable.

The legs are made out of 3/4″ solid wood with decorative grooves. The decorative grooves double as a mount for the optional accessories, like mini dice tray, cup or wine glass holders, etc. The legs include threaded inserts for the optional adjustable rubber cushioned feet.

Standard Colour options match 4 of the 5 dragon box / tray colours, including Black (Jacobean), Gold (Golden Oak), Red (Red Chestnut), Silver (Classic Grey). Standard table comes made from Maple (as the Prototype), with upgrades to Oak, Black Walnut, or other exotic wood options.

For more information including pricing and other custom options, please contact us.