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Once a year, we let our Goblins out here at Ice Cream Dice. Last year, they wandered the neighbourhood taking some of their favourite colours they saw and using complicated Goblin lab equipment, distilled those colours into a few designs.

They were all enamoured by the contrast between the night itself and the bright orange pumpkins they saw. They came back, and after some work, Halloween Haze was created.

They know that Canadians see this as Tiger Tail Ice Cream, but they stuck with the name anyways.

Halloween Haze d6 dice set are a swirl of opaque black and orange, with white numbering.

Designed by Ice Cream Dice. This set comes with six d6.

Additional information


Black, Orange

Highlight / Text Colour


Dice Style

Colour Phase, Opaque


Acrylic / Resin


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