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Every adventurer needs a bag of holding! Our SQR lined cloth dice bags are perfect for carrying your smaller adventuring gear, like dice, minis, and sticky notes.

  • Blue Plaid features blue and black plaid squares.
  • Green Plaid features green and black plaid squares.
  • Grey Arrows features arrows on grey.
  • Grey Plaid features grey and black plaid squares.
  • Orange Plaid features orange and black plaid squares.
  • Pink Plaid features pink and black plaid squares.
  • Rainbow Treasure features a light cyan and rainbow jewel pattern.
  • Red Plaid features red and black plaid squares.
  • True North features white plaid and red animals on black.
  • White Plaid features white and black plaid squares.
  • Wilderness Bear features a bear out in the back woods.

SQR bags are made from flannelette for a soft feel. These bags are handcrafted in British Columbia, Canada.

Please note: fabric is based on availability, and is subject to minor changes without notice.

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 170 × 140 × 8 mm

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