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Every adventurer needs a bag of holding! Our SQR lined cloth dice bags are perfect for carrying your smaller adventuring gear, like dice, minis, and sticky notes.

Red Plaid features red and black plaid squares.
Green Plaid features green an black plaid squares.
Blue Plaid features blue and black plaid squares.
Orange Plaid features orange and black plaid squares.
Grey Plaid features grey and black plaid squares.
White Plaid features white and black plaid squares.
Wilderness Bear features a bear out in the back woods.
Rainbow Treasure features a light cyan and rainbow jewel pattern.

SQR bags are made from flannelette for a soft feel.

These bags are handcrafted in British Columbia, Canada.

Please note: fabric is based on availability, and is subject to minor changes without notice.

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 170 × 140 × 8 mm

sqr-redplaid, sqr-blueplaid, sqr-orangeplaid, sqr-wildernessbear, sqr-rainbowtreasure, sqr-greenplaid, sqr-greyplaid, sqr-whiteplaid


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