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Maybe they are born with it… yup definitely born with it!  The Sorcerer has it in their blood from birth, sometimes hiding for decades before revealing the true nature, sometimes its sparks up as a young child.  These dice bags are inspired by the darkness they hide in while the harness their power, and accented on both the top and the bottom in a dark blue to represent the arcane gift passed down through their lineage.

The small Sorcerer measures 11 cm X 10 cm and will hold 5 sets of our standard 7-piece polyhedral dice sets. The large Sorcerer measures 14 cm X 15 cm and will hold a staggering 15 standard dice sets!

These dice bags features black and blue chainmail links, and a black leather strap. Made from brilliant anodized aluminum, these bags are surprisingly light-weight. Every ring is hand woven in a European 4 in 1 weave to create these beautifully crafted works of art. Made from 1/4″ 16 gauge rings on the body, and 18 gauge at the top to prevent bulking when closed.

They are handcrafted in Canada.

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