Kickstarter Progress

  • So what’s next?, Add Ons, and Surprise Unlocked Goal

    Thank you thank you thank you to all our backers who believed in this project! We were so excited last Sunday as we counted down to the end. Your support means a lot to us!

    So… what’s next?

    + We are waiting for Kickstarter to finish charging all the backers and release our funds. We’ve heard this can take up to two weeks. 

    + Complete prototypes so you can see them before you choose your colour.

    + Send out Backer surveys. Aiming to do this by January 22. Please get your survey back to us asap.

    + Purchase supplies: stickers, books, lots of lumber. 

    + Middle of February: begin fulfilling Stickers-only and Notebook-only backer levels.

    + Start building boxes! 

    + Custom boxes will be fulfilled first, then we’ll work on the standard boxes. 

    + Once everything has fulfilled… boxes, stickers, and notebooks will be available for purchase on our website! 

    Add ons

    We decided to make add ons available. 🙂

    These will be listed in our Backers Survey when we send it, and you’ll be able to purchase any rewards at your Backer level or lower (excluding the custom box). We’ll invoice you for these, and then include them when your reward ships. 

    Surprise Unlocked Goal

    We’re adding a new Dragon and colour option! The Fang Dragon design and the boxes will have a natural stain to highlight the natural look of the wood. There will also be a Fang Dragon sticker in the small sticker pack (you’ll get 7 stickers in the pack!) and it will be a choice option for the Large Sticker choice. 

  • What colour should be next?

    With only a few hours left in our Kickstarter, we just passed the $6,000 mark. We’re getting so much closer to unlocking our next stretch goal!

    If this unlocks, Backers will get to vote on which colour joins the lineup. Voting would happen once the KS is finished. I thought I’d show off the colours we’re thinking of. 

    There will also be a natural option (but there’s no swatch for that lol). 

    These swatches were pulled from the stainmaker’s website. For comparison, here’s our currently unlocked colours. 

    Countdown with us!

    We’ll be going live over on our Facebook page to count down to the end of the Kickstarter! 

    Join us at 7:30 pm tonight (Sun Jan 3) over at

    We’ll show a behind the scenes of Adventure Dice, answer any questions you might have, do a sneak peek at new dice coming soon, and there will be pet cameos. 

    We hope you’ll tune in to celebrate with us. 

  • Last 24 hours!

    We are heading into the last 24 hours of our Kickstarter! YAY! We’re so excited to see these dice boxes that Blair has worked so hard on be funded. 

    We’ll be doing a countdown on Facebook live tomorrow starting at 7:30 pm Pacific. We’ll show off the dice box prototypes again, there will be pet cameos, some behind the scenes at Adventure Dice, and sneak peeks of new dice offerings coming in 2021. Follow us at 

  • Green Dragon unlocked!

    Last night we unlocked the Green Dragon! YAY!!!

    This dragon design is now available as a dice box in the nifty Hunter Green stain, as well as being an option for the large sticker choice. Plus the small sticker pack will include a sixth sticker. 

    Our next stretch goal is Backers Choice! This will unlock a new colour at $7,000. Our backers will get to vote on what our next stain and Dragon choice will be. Purple? Pastel blue? Natural? If we hit 6k we’ll do a Backers-Only post that shows off the colour options and also a poll where you can vote. 

  • Six days to go + new prototype shots

    We hope you had a lovely holiday season! <3 

    There’s only six days left in our kickstarter! The project ends this Sunday, January 3 at 8pm Pacific. We’re really excited that we’re only $200 away from unlocking our Green Dragon stretch goal! 

    New prototype shots

    Someone commented that it would be great for some more prototype photos that really show off the rest of the box (since our original shots only showed the top). Here they are, showing off the edge grain and how the boxes look with the lid off. 

    Gold Dragon dice box
    Silver Dragon dice box
    Black Dragon dice box
    Red Dragon dice box
  • Green Dragon colour test + more shipping destinations

    We’ve gotten several inquiries about shipping outside of Canada and the USA. Kickstarter is a bit odd with adding shipping, but we’ve gone and added a bunch more countries to our shipping options. If your country isn’t listed, feel free to reach out! We’re happy to add it.

    Green Dragon design test

    We’re getting closer to unlocking the Green Dragon design! This goal will unlock the Green Dragon dice box option, it will add a 6th sticker to the small sticker pack, and the Green Dragon will be an option for the large stickers. 

    Blair’s been doing some tests with the Hunter Green stain. Here’s a preview of what it will look like, in different lighting conditions (but not photoshopped). 

    We’re hoping to have some completed boxes in the Blue and Green to show off in the next few weeks. 🙂

    Under our regular living room lighting. This looks the closest.
    Natural sunlight.
    Direct ring light shows off the shine really well.
    Next to a window on a sunny winter day. This looks the least like the real thing.
  • Blue Dragon unlocked! New stretch goals added!

    Not long after I posted the last update, we unlocked our first stretch goal! The Blue Dragon design will now be an option you can select. 

    Our next goal is the Green Dragon design at $5,000. I’ll post some photos of Blair’s test soon so you can see what that Hunter Green stain looks like. 


    We’re excited to announce two new stretch goals where you, the backers, get to decide what our next designs should be! At $7,000 and again at $9,000 we’ll hold a vote for new colour options! 

    What colours do you think we should choose? Natural? Purple? Pink? Bronze? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 

  • Nearing our first Stretch Goal: Blue Dragon!

    We’re getting close to unlocking our first stretch goal: The Blue Dragon! 

    This stretch goal includes unlocking the Blue Dragon dice box option. This box is stained with a Deep Blue water-based stain, and features a Blue Dragon by artist Haley Boros engraved on the lid.  

    Here’s a peek at Blair’s tests using the Blue stain. I took a variety of photos in different lighting so you had a better idea of the stain. Once we have a completed Blue Dragon Box to show off, I’ll get some more “posed” shots with our light box that hopefully show off the colour better. 

    Shot with an indirect light ring. Probably the most true to colour.
    Shot using the normal lighting in our house.
    Shot in direct sunlight. Look at that wood grain pop!
    Shot with a ring light, direct light.
    Shot next to a window, with overcast light from outside. Probably the least accurate. The blue is not that bright… and it’s definitely not what my eyes see..

    This stretch goal will also make a large version of the Blue Dragon sticker available, and we’ll add the Blue Dragon as a fifth sticker to our Small Sticker Pack. 

    Large and Small Sticker Designs.
  • Smashed Our Goal!

    Hey Adventurers!

    We are officially funded! We smashed our goal in 5 hours. <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in us and our project. 

    We still have a month to go until the project ends, but we’re excited for our stretch goals! Haley has already drawn the designs for the Blue Dragon and the Green Dragon stretch goals for us. Blair’s testing out the stains for these, and we’ll show a sneak peek of some test pieces with these stains and their engravings in the coming days (we don’t want to spam you too much). 

    Blue Dragon and Green Dragon designs.

    If we reach these two stretch goals, we’re considering adding additional colours (to be determined). We also want to be conscious not to over extend ourselves… but we’re excited about the possibilities if we get there. 

    Thank you again. <3